Brutal CMS

An open source lightweight flat-file content management system for the brutalist web design trend.

  • Written in raw, plain PHP
  • No dependencies & portable
  • Modular framework
  • CSV- and XML-based data
  • Headless architecture

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Brutal CMS
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Brutal Board

Brutalist Board Community

A community forum for brutalist web designers and developers.

  • Brutal CMS support
  • Brutalist design trends
  • Discussions about brutalism

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Blueprint Grid

Blueprint Grid

A multimethod grid library built with flexbox and CSS grid.

  • 5 layout methods
  • Cross-browser support
  • Mobile-first approach

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Reference Guides

Brutalist Resources

In the form of e-books or tutorial videos, topics may cover:

  • "How-to" Guides
  • Documentation
  • Web design trends

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Be the BOS of Your Content

Base Operating System (BOS)
BOS will be the back-end application for Brutal CMS. Here, you will be able to access all of the modules, which will be used for managing content data.

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BOS Home

 Groundwork  Modules 

Groundwork Modules are basic modules that will require minimal front-end integration development. These modules will be available in the STAGE 1 BETA release:


[ Profile Admin Dashboard ]
PAD Module

Administrative management of user accounts.


[ My Profile Admin Dashboard ]
My PAD Module 🔍

User account dashboard.


[ File Asset Manager ]
FAM Module 🔍

Upload or delete various types of files.


[ System Admin Dashboard ]
SAD Module 🔍

Configure system settings and preferences.


[ Layouts & Themes Module ]
Blueprint Module 🔍

Define layout rules and create theme data. Layouts are based on Blueprint Grid.


[ Page Administrative Generator Environment System ]
Pages Module 🔍

Create virtual pages, and generate front-end pages on demand based on virtual page data.


[ Post Admin & Writer System ]
PAWS Module 🔍

Create up to 6 types of content streams: blog posts, products, events, gallery (photos), podcasts (audio), and media (videos).


[ Daily Integrated Content Keeper ]
DICK Module 🔍

Display a daily image or video (YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted) and optional text on a monthly, seasonal, or constant basis.


[ Content Article Display ]
CAD Module 🔍

Multi-user module for creating a consolidated stream of content articles.


[ Create Read Update Data Environment ]
CRUDE Module 🔍

Create CSV-based data entities, add data groups, and edit entity records.

 Developer  Modules 

Developer modules will be more complex than Groundwork Modules, as front-end integration may be more involved than Groundwork Modules. Developer Modules will be available in the STAGE 2 BETA release:


[ Joined Ajax Content Keeper ]

Manage content files for usage with ajax-driven applications and interfaces.


[ Hub API ]

Third-party API integration and helper libraries management tool.


[ Educational Deployment Utility ]

Create and manage courses, lessons, and quizzes.


[ Marketing Admin Dashboard ]

Manage ads, CTAs, and other lead-generation functions.


[ Sales Helper for Online Products ]

Ecommerce module for configuring a PayPal shopping cart.


[ Presentation Management ]

Create and manage presentational slideshows.

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